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Are The Hogs Fading Away?


I am known on this site as being a traditionalist when it comes to Arkansas football uniforms. I've been of the opinion that the wheel looks pretty good, cardinal red, white, pig on helmet, and no need to go about reinventing it every season. But there's an issue I think that goes beyond style and gets to the enjoyment of the game, be at the stadium or on television. And that's the new look of our jersey numbers that start out white and then fade into gray at the bottom of each number. It makes the uniforms look like they've been in the washer a few too many times and makes the numbers harder to see. Enjoyment of the game, because the number on the jersey is about all you have to go on with who is doing what, at least initially. What's your opinion about the new look numbers? Oh, and "Bama" because Doc Harper says that increases site visits, haha.