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Hog Slobber Podcast #3: Not Jumping Off The Ledge Yet Edition

In this episode, we catch Chris Bahn en route back to Arkansas from Oregon, where he was covering Arkansas State's opener against the Ducks. In this episode:

  • Chris tells me whether or not I should jump off the ledge after the defense's performance in the first half against Jacksonville State
  • Review other aspects of the game against the Gamecocks (there was actually lots of good stuff!)
  • Figure out what to look for in Arkansas' game against Louisiana-Monroe
  • Review what happend around the SEC in Week 1 and what's going to happen in Week 2 (Good job Tennessee! Rest of you guys, not so much, except Alabama, natch.)
  • Discuss Chris' trip to Oregon and what the gameday environment is like at Autzen Stadium
  • We analyze Arkansas' new pregame intro video. Chris hasn't seen it yet, but I helped analyze it for him.

If you have any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss, please email me or find me on twitter. My contact links are in the signature below. You should also subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Talkshoe to make sure you don't miss an episode.

Here is the mp3 link for your listening convenience: Hog Slobber Podcast #3

And here is the widget so you can stream it from this page if you'd like to listen that way


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