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Sausage Links - September 4, 2012


What did I learn from the Hog's first football game? I now know there is a lot of work to do before the Alabama game. James Brown, at Bleacher Report, also learned a few things from the first game.

If you thought the Razorback football schedule was tough, you might not want to look at the basketball schedule. It will make you puke. Mike Anderson will have his hands full in his second year as the head coach. The people at Razorback Nation take a look at this years schedule.

Alabama lost multiple starters to the NFL Draft, this past year. After destroying Michigan Saturday, they do not look like they have lost a beat. The offense looks even stronger and the defense was what you would expect from Alabama. Roll 'Bama Roll takes a look at their first game of the year.

Where do you think Arkansas ranks in the SEC, after week 1? I would say around 3 or 4. Alabama would be the obvious number one then LSU. It kind of gets crowded after that. I think eventually Arkansas can cement its place as number 3. The Hogs did not show what they are capable of in their first game. The people over at Garnet and Black Attack give their own SEC power rankings.

The Razorback Foundation has its new leader. Chris Wyrick has been named the new director, after Harold Horton retired. Arkansas Sports 360 takes a look at the new guy in charge.