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John L. Smith won't be fired as Arkansas' coaching search continues

Athletic Director Jeff Long is throwing his support behind John L. Smith while the Razorbacks look for a long-term solution at head coach.

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Despite a disappointing 1-3 start that includes losses at home to Louisiana-Monroe and Rutgers, Arkansas Razorbacks athletics director Jeff Long has voiced his support of interim head coach John L. Smith:

"Supporting this team is the best course of action for the short- and long-term. ... I will fulfill my commitment to the players and coaches for this season and I will not abandon them. I'm confident they will work hard and win games.''

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Smith was given the job following Bobby Petrino's dismissal in April of this year. He had served as special teams coach under Petrino before leaving for the head coaching position at Weber State, but he returned to guide the Arkansas program before ever coaching a Wildcats game.

The Razorbacks return to conference play this Saturday when they travel to College Station to take on the Texas A&M Aggies. Both teams are looking for their first SEC win of 2012.

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