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Sausage Links - September 27, 2012

Come take a look at some new Razorback football and BASKETBALL stories.

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The Razorback football season has not been what most fans had expected. Where is the problem though? Former President Bill Clinton is arguably the most famous Razorback fan, and he has his own opinion of where the problem is. CBS Sports blogger Jerry Hinnen, looks into what the former commander and chief had to say.

SEC country is known for its tailgates, food and craziness. It is hard for most to take it all in within a lifetime. Bill Connelly, of SB Nation took a crash course in SEC culture. He didn't get to make all the stops, but he still had an interesting time. I am more than a little jealous.

The new SB Nation blog poll is out. The poll is quite different than last weeks. Alabama has some competition, even Notre Dame got a first place vote (I know kind of funny right). Andy Hutchins, from SB Nation, takes a look at all the movers in shakers from the past week.

Don't give up on your team Hog fans. The Razorbacks have another big game ahead of them this weekend in College Station. The Aggies are 2-1, but haven't beat the Hogs since the series was renewed in 2009. It will take a lot for the Hogs to continue their winning streak against the Aggies. One thing is for sure if they want to continue the streak, they will need all the fan support they can get. Jacob Blalock, of the Bleacher Report, gives his preview for this weeks game.

It's almost time to put the tailgate gear up and get ready to pack Bud Walton Arena for the Hogs' Basketball team. The season is almost here and season tickets are available. The team is young and talented, it should be an interesting season for Mike Anderson and his team. Jessica Duff, from Today's THV, has all the ticket information.