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Sausage Links - September 25, 2012

Latest Razorback football news. Game recaps, possible coaching candidates, and a look at the Hogs next game.

Wesley Hitt - Getty Images

Notice anything new on SB Nation? Look a little different? I agree, there have been a few changes. They are pretty cool and Spencer Hall, of SB Nation, would like to welcome you to the new and improved SB Nation.

Cobi Hamilton broke the SEC record with 303 receiving yards Saturday night and Tyler WIlson had more than 400 yards passing. Hearing these type of numbers you would assume the Hogs won. Nope, another game another loss. CBS Sports, takes a look at last weekends unbelievable loss. The Hogs have been a dumpster fire this year and it will most likely continue.

Hog fans know what they think about their football team (Right now not much). What do their opponents think about them though? Good Bull Hunting, takes their first look at their game against Arkansas this weekend.

Could Razorback fans get anymore mad at John L. Smith? Is it possible? Incredibly it is possible. Monday the head football coach said "our program, is a state of Alabama program." WHAT ARE YOU THINKING COACH??? Coach Smith has had about as bad a month as one could possibly have. He has been at the head of the collapse of a former top 10 program, he lost his brother and he is in debt up to his neck. I understand sometimes people say the wrong things (I am guilty of it myself) but this is not a time to be telling a room full of Razorback fans that our program is in the state of Alabama. Come on coach keep it together for a few more months. Edward Aschoff, of ESPN has more on the story.

Who will the next head football coach at Arkansas? That is a great question. It will be Jeff Long's biggest decision as Arkansas AD. If he misfires it could cost him his job. Chris Bahn, of Arkansas Sports 360, breaks down a few possible coaching candidates.