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Rasputin Shares His Prediction for the Rutgers Game. What's Yours?


If you thought you were in a dark mood after the last two weeks of Razorback football, consider our ageless Russian prognosticator, Rasputin. Having seen every game since the program's debut in 1894, he's always been known to take the losses hard, but the Bama defeat sent him into a catatonic state (possibly induced by consumption of huge quantities of his home-brewed vodka) that still hasn't lapsed.

He was, however, able to grunt out the following forecast to one of our intrepid interns. It seems that his thoughts, as they often do in difficult times, have turned to the true love of his life...the famous Petit Jean. Read on for his emotionally raw take on Rutgers:

What is happiness?
Or sadness?
Or joy or despair?
Do feelings mean anything, or do they come from thin air?

When all hope is lost I turn to my love,
my dear little French girl who lives now in heaven above.
The memories I have of this beautiful lass
Are only matched by the thrill of a T. Wilson touchdown pass.

Darling Jean, what's that you say?
You see white helmets and a #8 who's come to play?
I take this as a sign we have reason to believe,
It won't be pretty, but victory we will achieve.

There will be much stress, anguish and cursing of the D
But when the clock reads 00:00 the score will be Arkansas 38, Rutgers 33.

Suffice it to say Rasputin, like many of us, is in a fragile emotional state right now. Is he on the right track or have his powers of prediction left him? Please vote in the poll below, and of course share any thoughts you have for us in the comments section.