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Tyler Wilson Has Been Cleared To Play Praise Everything!


No real story here, just take a moment to sing or dance or buy the guy next to you a beer or shoot a gun into the air or kick your heals or Tebow or fist bump or do the McGwire-Sosa or turn away and cry or jump in a pond or rip your shirt off like Hulk Hogan or eat a whole ham or attempt that cartwheel like you did when you were 10 or punch a wall or fulfill that promise you made when praying or burn that wet rag you kept from the Bama game or hug your son/father or CALL THEM HOGS!!!

For a real news story, check out the updates on ArkansasSports360. Wilson's return is the only real ray of hope possible to turn this season around, and we're clinging to it, by God. No, he doesn't play defense. And we don't care.