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Little Rock Touchdown Club Week 5: NFL Hall Of Famer Randy White DelightsThe Crowd

Randy White speaks to the Little Rock Touchdown Club
Randy White speaks to the Little Rock Touchdown Club

This week's guest was a real crowd pleaser. The older members were delighted to relive some career highlights with an all-time Cowboy great, while the crowd's youth were given their own Cowboy history lesson and were provided many laughs by the man they call the "Manster".

Former defensive lineman and linebacker Randy White is one of the most decorated defenders of all time, and truly lived up to his nickname with his performance on the field. After a superb college career as a Maryland Terrapin, White was drafted 2nd overall by the Cowboys in 1975. After a 14 year career under Tom Landry, where he was selected to 9 Pro Bowls and won a Super Bowl, he was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a member of the 1994 class, his first year of eligibiltiy. Over such a career, White made his enemies, after all football is a violent sport, it's easy to have animosity for your opponent in the heat of competition. Though, after football he's let bygones be bygones.

"Some of the guys you really didn't like end up being the ones you enjoy the most." White said after reeling off a list of names of opponentes that included Bob Young, Greg Koch, and Mark May. White reflected on a time in Las Vegas when he, John Riggins, and former Razorback Dan Hampton were out on the town. White was unsure how his meeting with Riggins, a former Washington Redskins running back, would go. "You know, I've stepped on this guy, spit on him...I didn't know how he was going to receive me." White explained. The two wound up friends, White quoted Riggins as saying "Randy, I didnt think I'd like you...but you're alright."

White, when asked about the league's newer policies regarding player safety, though agreeing that player safety is important and players old and new deserve some kind of health insurance from the league, ended his answer predictably: "Now, personally, would I change anything? No! I'd put on a helmet and play today if I could." White exclaimed "There are some risks there, that I think people should know about...once you know the risks, you make a choice." White is particitpating in the concussion lawsuit against the NFL.

As if the Touchdown club couldn't get anymore interesting, Arkansas head coach John L. Smith will join us next week. That is, he's scheduled to join us next week. What will he say to a group that just recently voted whether or not they'd have him fired? Will he even show up? You wont want to miss this, Hog fans, and you dont have to, come on out to the Embassy Suites in Little Rock next Monday, lunch is at 11. $50.00 will make you an annual member, members eat for $15.00, nonmembers eat for $25.00. This ought to be good