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Hog Slobber Podcast #5: The Alabama Game, Oh Lord, The Alabama Game. What About Rutgers? And Beyond?

In this episode, Chris Bahn and I discuss:

  • Which vice we ran to in an attempt to feel better about the Alabama game
  • What all went wrong Saturday
  • The 2-man quarterback rotation
  • Should Arkansas run the wishbone with Brandon Mitchell, Knile Davis, and Dennis Johnson?
  • The Tyler Wilson situation
  • Should Arkansas fire L?
  • Will the Rutgers game determine Arkansas' bowl eligibility?
  • Immoral fall weddings and how big of a wedding would it have to be to cause Bahn to miss a football game
  • What big game did Doc skip a friend's wedding to attend?
  • What is the worst game Bahn has ever seen in person?
  • The pitiful state of Razorback tickets on the secondary market and what the stadium will look like during deer and duck season
  • What was happening with ticket sellers outside the Alabama game that Doc had never seen before
  • Did the new ticket scanners produce a more accurate attendance count?
  • Did Arkansas deserve to lose because the fans voted to have "Call Me, Maybe" played at the game
  • What we think of the university-produced Bubba Hawg spots on the video board.
  • If Tennessee fires Derek Dooley, which school is the most attractive job during the off-season?
If you have any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss, please email me or find me on twitter. My contact links are in the signature below. You should also subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Talkshoe to make sure you don't miss an episode.

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