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Sausage Links - September 18, 2012


Saturday was a bad bad day for the Razorback football team. Down right terrible. There was one bright spot for the Hog fans Saturday though, a commitment from a top notch basketball player. Moses Kingsley a 6-9, 220, post player gave Mike Anderson his pledge Saturday. Jim Harris, of Arkansas Sports 360, has more on the commitment. See Saturday wasn't a total loss.

Rutgers comes to town this weekend. Once thought to be a push-over opponent, now they are anything but that. The Hogs are down in the dumps, not surprising after the beatings that they have taken recently. Rutgers' is not scared of the Hogs and they shouldn't be., looks at what to expect in their trip to Fayetteville. This isn't their first run-in with Coach John L. Smith, so they know what to expect from the whacky coach.

It was a long shot for Tyler Wilson to be able to start against the Tide, but will he be able to play against Rutgers? Not sure yet. The season has gone about as bad as possible and the only way to even get to a bowl game is to get Wilson back. The Quarterback by committee approach that was seen last Saturday was a disaster. No one got into a rhythm and it was pretty obvious that Brandon Allen was in the game to throw the ball and Brandon Mitchell would go in the game to run the ball. Not to hard to figure out. Steve Godfrey, of SB Nation, gives an update on Wilson.

Are coaches who leave Louisville for bigger jobs cursed? That might sound crazy, but considering what Arkansas just went through with Bobby Petrino, and with Charlie Strong a hotly rumored coaching candidate, it might be worth a look. Our friends at take a look at what happened to several former Cardinal coaches after leaving Louisville.

The hopes and dreams for the Razorback football season are over. To see exactly how far the Hogs have fallen in the SEC take a look Daniel Lewis' SEC power rankings, for It's pretty shocking when considering where most people thought the Hogs ranked just a few weeks ago. The good news is that people still believe there are four teams worse than the Hogs in conference.

If last weeks song by the super-hog fan lady wasn't bad enough, she is at it again this week. If she does not scare you and give you nightmares here is a link to her new video along with a story by Graham Watson, at yahoo! sports.