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SB Nation Initial Week 3 Top 25 BlogPoll

Here we are. Nothing more fun than discussing a poll you're not a part of and who knows when Arkansas will be there again. Regardless, this is still your chance to let your opinions influence a poll. Here's our initial ballot. Tell us who you think is to high or too low, and we'll update and send it in.

See the ballot and a few explanations after the jump.

  • Yes, we threw Rutgers in there just to make this week's game a bit more interesting. They are undefeated after all, so who says they're not top 25 material?
  • The big movers were Stanford, Florida, and Michigan State for obvious reasons. We moved Notre Dame up four spots but they may still be too low. Dropped Louisville a bit for their near second-half collapse.
  • Most everything else is about the same. Kansas State moved up, but I'm not sure why.