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Not Much "Fight" in the "Fight, Fight, Fight!"

Sep 15, 2012; Fayetteville, AR, USA; Arkansas Razorback head coach John L. Smith watch a play during  the first half of a game against Alabama Crimson Tide at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Beth Hall-US PRESSWIRE
Sep 15, 2012; Fayetteville, AR, USA; Arkansas Razorback head coach John L. Smith watch a play during the first half of a game against Alabama Crimson Tide at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Beth Hall-US PRESSWIRE

In an earlier post on this site, I wrote about how at times our Razorbacks don't deserve their mascot, a fierce, do not yield, wild boar. I wrote that due to the Hogs often lacking a true "killer instinct" that Porky Pig would be more apropos to have on the side of the helmets. After Alabama's dismantling of Arkansas in every phase of the game yesterday, maybe a picture of fried bacon is what they need, for they did not appear to be a team that had much fight in them. They looked dead, fried. Here are some points of observation.

* If I had a hat on, I would tip it to Alabama. They played like a well oiled machine and didn't do anything to beat themselves. I know there is still a lot of football to be played, but it is hard for me to see Alabama giving up its number one ranking. Hard for me to see Arkansas ever beating a Nick Saban coached team again.

* The last time the Hogs did beat a Nick Saban team? Back in 2002 and the Miracle on Markham, ten years ago. It seems like he has been making us pay for that win ever since.

* Speaking of coaches, did you see Saban in the 4th quarter with his headset still on, mic at mouth level, and still yelling at his players to do their jobs well? Yeah, I saw it and I envied it. I don't believe I ever saw John L. Smith when they showed him speaking a single word into his mic / headset. The mouthpiece was always turned up in the air. He might as well had a little white surrender flag on it.

* If anybody is filming a movie and needs some Keystone Cops in it, I would suggest they look towards the Hogs, for all they were lacking were the little billy clubs. And if they had them, no doubt they would have hit themselves over the head with them instead of Alabama.

* Did you hear Gary Danielson call out the student body for leaving the game early? I thought that was salt in the wound from CBS. But I am sure they were not too pleased for getting stuck with this stinker of a game. What you bet they go with two other teams to start their season in 2013? Right now, I hope they do.

* Sobering thought: Is this season the 2013 season, but a year early? I knew next year would be a rebuilding year, but I didn't expect to see such poor play from the Hogs this year!

* I found myself rooting for ULM to beat Auburn yesterday, and they nearly did, just so Arkansas wouldn't look as bad. Instead, we now find ourselves grouped in with, uggh, Kentucky, as fellow SEC teams to lose to a Sunbelt team this year. Kentucky got beaten by Western Kentucky in overtime when WKU decided to go for two points and the win, and did.

* I think a lot of us are thinking the same thing. Tyler Wilson is the only true leader on this team, and the Hogs don't stand a chance until he comes back. Some NFL team is going to get more than just an accurate arm when they select Wilson.

* When Tyler does come back (and it might not be for Rutgers), the Hogs are going to have to score fifty points a game in order to win, for this defense is getting worse and worse with the fundamentals of sound football, like being in the right position, taking the right angle, looking for the ball, making sure tackles. On a wet day, they couldn't force a single turnover from Alabama, not a one.

* At this rate, possible wins ahead: Rutgers, Tulsa, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Auburn. That would make for a 6-6 year out of what we talked about as a national championship year. Geez. That's with Tyler Wilson back. Last I checked, he still only plays on one side of the ball. Without him, then things will possibly sink to a low that hasn't been seen since our first year in the conference, 1992, when we won three games all season. How about that for a 20th anniversary!

* Something to keep in mind, the SEC once again has a contract with the Independence Bowl. We could be very happy to be there!

* Jessica Dorrell, what must she be thinking? Does she care at all that her actions are partly responsible for the mess that her alma mater's football program has turned into? Does she think about it at all? She lives in South Carolina now where her fiance or husband (not for sure if they have tied the knot yet) is on the swim team's staff. Yesterday afternoon after the game, I mailed my UofA alumni renewal. Did she mail hers?

* Shouldn't we all have guessed that things might be heading south when the players acted like it was liberation day in Paris when John L. Smith came back? They knew that the hard taskmaster that was Bobby Petrino was gone. But you know what also went with him, the wins.

* Who will be the future coach of our Hogs? Chris Peterson from Boise State would be my pick right now, but he isn't likely to leave the sure thing that he has in Boise State. But what if we tell him that we'll let Billy Bob Thorton be his stand in for all the Razorback functions and just let him diagram plays and coach the team? haha.

* A head coach from the defensive side of the ball would probably be best for Arkansas right now. That is the area of the program that needs the most rebuilding. Kirby Smart from Alabama? Yeah, but Saban's magic has not been known to follow his assistants. Case in point, Derek Dooley. Maybe Smart would be different? I don't know.

* Final Thoughts Here: Just hope that Tyler Wilson can return for the Rutgers game. For losing to a Sunbelt team, getting dismantled by Alabama, you think those are bad. How about getting blown out by a team from the Big East right there Fayetteville? Yeah, as low as we are today, things could get worse. Alabama beat us soundly this week. It would be pitiful if the team allows the Tide to beat them next week as well. Come on Hogs, start acting like the wild boar you are named for and not looking so cartoonish, so Porky Pig. You deserve that for yourselves and your fans. If you don't, then with a stutter, "That's All Folks," for this season.