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Alabama 52, Arkansas 0: Hiding In The Closet And Screaming

What's that?  You want to score?  Silly boy.
What's that? You want to score? Silly boy.

Most realistic Hog fans may not have been expecting to win this game, but the hope was even if there wasn't a victory, there would be some sort of sign of hope and heart. There was none of that. If last week was an unexpected absolute disaster, this is like that but without all the shock. This is closer to the realization of everyone's worst fears. And for that reason, let's just turn out the lights, crank up "Against All Odds", and use the wine bottle as a microphone.

The weather was apt. It was nasty, ugly, and played a part in the mass exodus that began at halftime. The dude in front of me actually left midway into the second quarter. UA even had the shuttle buses, which normally don't start until after the game is over, running at halftime.

It didn't start out terribly bad.

The Arkansas defense did a good job in the first quarter, buoyed by a crowd that was ready to put last week behind them. The only first quarter points came off a high punt to the snapper that had the Tide starting inside the Razorback 10-yard line. It was those types of miscues that doomed the Razorbacks. A fumbled toss to Knile Davis. A field goal off the upright. Drive-killing interceptions. The defense couldn't hold up without any help from the offense, and Alabama started piling it on in the second quarter after a quick pick let the Tide tack on an extra touchdown before halftime.

One of the more curious aspects of the game was the weird use of quarterbacks. Instead of alternating Brandon Mitchell and Brandon Allen by drive or by quarters, they were frequently switched on varying plays. And almost every Mitchell play was a run. It almost felt like coaches were making up the offensive game plan on the spot, not allowing for any rhythm whatsoever. Like they were playing video games.

It's the first time Arkansas has been shut out in Fayetteville since 1966. The question now is, do you have any confidence in the season? What are expectations now? How different can/will it be when Tyler Wilson returns? How does Jeff Long react to the L. experiment? Can Arkansas respond with a victory over Rutgers next week? Still a lot of questions to be answered.


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