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Sausage Links - September 13, 2012


Who is going to play quarterback Saturday? I have no idea and neither does anyone else. Tyler WIlson is still recovering from a head injury and may not be available? Tim Blank, of SB Nation, keeps his eyes on Arkansas' injury report.

If you want to be able and keep in touch with Razorback news and games from your cell phone, you are in for a treat. The U of A athletic department announced that they are launching a new app for Hog fans. The has the story on the new phone app.

If you don't know who to bet on for the Razorback - Tide matchup take a look at what Mike Pickett, of the Bleacher Report says. I hate to say it and never like to bet against the Hogs, but it might be a pretty solid bet if Wilson is not playing.

The Hogs are huge underdogs this weekend, no doubt about it. Do they have a chance though? There is always a chance that is why they play the games. Phil Clark, of Rant Sports, lets it be known not to overlook the Hogs. Who knows maybe they finally got their piss hot?

The Hogs got dealt a bad hand last Saturday when Tyler Wilson got knocked out of the game. If he had been able to go in the second half, the hogs would most likely would have won. Jim Harris, of Arkansas Sports 360, looks at what could have been.