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Reasons to Hate: Alabama

John L Smith is probably hating himself for letting the Warhawks win in Little Rock last week.
John L Smith is probably hating himself for letting the Warhawks win in Little Rock last week.

While there are many emotions Hog fans feel when it comes to SEC football, Pride, Joy (sometimes), and even Sadness, the most poignant emotion is Hate! Hate for those that share the same conference! Hate for those teams that have spoiled seasons! Hate for the team that stands on the other side of the field of the team we Love. Embrace the Hate, because it's Alabama week, and they deserve plenty of it.

History: Because their program has had more success. They claim National championships even in years that WE claim national championships. They've won 814 games! That's good enough for 6th best all time. They've had 31 10+ Win seasons! That's good for 2nd all time. (Arkansas only has 12) Alabama deserves to be hated because they've been doing it better than almost every other college football team in America. When Arkansas has been at it's best, Alabama has been at it's bestest which has been just a little bit better than Arkansas.

Head Coach: UGH! Is anybody else tired of this guy? Remember when we finally got rid of him? Remember when he left the SEC to go coach the Miami Dolphins? Nick Saban is 60 years old and he's been coaching since the 1970s. He's got tons of experience and has posted a winning record every single year he's been a head coach (excluding that last Miami year). As Arkansas fans that have been on a constant see-saw for the last 30 years it seems pretty right to hate someone that has had that much success. Also, he has a winning record against Arkansas including 5-0 at Alabama.

Alphabet: Yes... this is dumb, but Alabama is the only team that keeps Arkansas from being the #1 most alphabetically superior team in the SEC. Everytime I go through a list of SEC teams, it goes Alabama THEN Arkansas. I just want to look at a list of SEC teams without seeming their stupid University and State name displayed right before ours.

Sidney Moncrief: Cuz he's ANGRY!

Last Year: I know you were as mad as Sidney and me when you watched last year's game. Their defense played like a bunch of animals. They were ferocious and when an Arkansas player had the ball they were going to be hit and hit hard. But there is another side to that game, because even with their defense, it still felt like Arkansas could've been in this game if it wasn't for a pick 6 and a punt return that put the hogs out of it early. Let's go ahead and add in the year before for good measure. We should've won that one.

Louisiana-Monroe: Because this game was supposed to mean something. This was supposed to be College Gameday on OUR campus with all the eyes of the country watching Fayetteville, Arkansas to see if we could come out on top. This was our year, and now all the doubters got their way and all the eyes are averted ready to see Alabama lay another beatdown on Arkansas for a 6th year in a row. Alabama is probably a large part of why we lost to Louisiana-Monroe. Because of what Alabama does and what Alabama represents, they get into your head early in the season and they make you wait. We hate Alabama because they made us lose to Louisiana-Monroe.