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Little Rock Touchdown Club Week 3: Fans Relive Miracles, Talk Hogs With Matt Jones

Former Arkansas QB Matt Jones addresses the crowd at Monday's Little Rock Touchdown Club meeting.
Former Arkansas QB Matt Jones addresses the crowd at Monday's Little Rock Touchdown Club meeting.
When Little Rock Touchdown Club President David Bazzel addresed the audience Monday, there wasn't an empty seat in the house. This week's guest drew the club's largest crowd yet, much like the crowds he once drew to War Memorial and Razorback Stadiums. Matt Jones, an all-time favorite amongst Arkansas fans, made a rare public appearance that held the attention of all that were present as he reflected on his Razorback career. "This isn't really my thing," Jones joked about his fear of public speaking "but I promise I'll do my best." He went on to tell of his high school career and recruiting, which led to the difficult decision he faced having to choose between defending National Champs Oklahoma, or the home team Razorbacks.

"Coach Nutt had played both [football and basketball] in college, and that's what I wanted to do." Jones explained, which was the deciding factor in the coveted quarterback's decision. The rest, as they say, is history. Well documented history in Arkansas, a history that all Hog fans know quite well. From college football's longest games, to the Miracle on Markham, to the iconic dunk on Ole Miss, the memories came back as the spectators rolled the tape in their minds of the electrifying former quarterback. Even though the history is well documented, the club was more than happy to receive a review from Bazzel and Jones.

The lights dimmed and Paul Eells' voice came over the speaker and the crowd relived several of Jones' mezmerising highlights. After the last "TOUCHDOWN ARKANSAS! OH MY!" echoed through the ballroom, the lights came back on and Jones talked through each of the plays, explaining the calls, etc.

"How about De'Cori Birmingham?" Jones marvelled about the touchdown catch that would go down in history as the Miracle on Markham. "Richard [Smith] was open, it was a deal where I saw De'Cori running by...I cant believe he was that open." Jones went on to explain that, up to that point, it had been the "worst game I ever played as a Hog". He also recalled the 38-28 win against Texas in 2003. "That was the best team I played on." Jones explained, with players the likes of Philidelphia left tackle Jason Peters, Buffalo safety George Wilson, former Cowboy Ken Hamlin, among many others, he has a valid point.

Jones took questions from the crowd, mostly about the major collapse in Little Rock this last week. He shared the sentiment of most Arkansas fans.

"What hurt us was the 4th quarter, they punt to us, 7:19 to go, and we pass, pass, pass. We gotta pound the rock...just run the ball." Jones said, drawing an applause. He also touched on the possibility of accomplishing a major upset of our own this week, saying the guys need to just stick together and "throw everything at them". Jones also touched on his professional career, all the way to where he is now. Jones is married and he and his wife, Caroline, just moved back to Little Rock. He's breaking into the world of sports media these days, you can find him on Razorback Nation along with Bazzel and Clint Stoerner every Tuesday at 10:30 pm on KARZ. Jones will also make weekly appearances on 103.7 the Buzz.

Join us next week at the Embassy Suites in Little Rock and hear NFL Hall of Famer and former Dallas Cowboy Randy White. Remember, for $50.00 you can become an annual member and lunch is $15.00, $25.00 for non-members. Next week could provide a nice therapy session, considering some of us may have suffered psychological harm after last Saturday and the game this weekend.