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Sausage Links - September 11, 2012

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I really did not want to lead off with a football story, I think we all know why. Former Arkansas Basketball player Devonta Abron will be able to suite up right away for the TCU. He wanted to move closer to home and was granted permission by the NCAA to play right away. ESPN reported the story Monday.

Okay here we go, Bobby Petrino is gone along with all the success that came with him. It hurts it stings, but that is just the way it is. I know it makes you want to puke but the faster we all get over it the sooner the healing can begin. Our own Doc Harper wrote about how the Bobby Petrnio era is dead, for Arkansas Sports 360.

Alabama is coming to town Saturday whether you are ready or not. Tyler WIlson is dinged up and the fullback position is in shambles, not to mention Tevin Mitchel will be out after his devastating injury, so how do we beat Alabama? If it is even possible, Steven Godfrey, of SB Nation, has a few ideas on how to take down the Tide.

If the pain and suffering from the game was not bad enough, it got worse on Monday. One Razorback fan decided to sing a little song to show her support for the Razorbacks. I think all it did was make Hog fans a little more embarrassed. At least the the national media hasn't picked up on it yet. Wait, never mind they did. Here is a story on the singing Razorback fan, from Bleacher Report by Gabe Zaldivar. Well you can't say she is not creative. .

Tyler Wilson's status for this weekend is unknown. Brandon Allen or Brandon Mitchell may have to step up this Saturday. Fans can only wait and see at this point. Chris Bahn , of Arkansas Sports 360, looks into Wilson's status along with the other injuries.