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Arkansas 49, Jacksonville State 24: Offense Looks Familiar...Unfortunately, So Does the Defense


This is supposed to be an "instant" reaction post. However, if I were to publish for readers my "instant" reaction, it would probably be my last post ever. I’d get a stern talking to from Doc and he’d take me off the panel. I used more four letter words in more variations and combos than Arkansas has uniforms. I’m sure many of you had the same reaction. We all tuned in expecting some form of a blowout, a stellar performance by Knile Davis upon his return, the same old offense, and a much improved defense. We got 1 of the 4.

Tyler showed up with some new receivers, which was impressive, but Davis and the rest of the running game fizzled and the defense showed no sign of any improvement. Before I go any further, I want to apologize for an article I wrote that told of the scrimmages where the defense seemed to have shown a vast improvement. I couldn’t have been more wrong, and to the readers, I’m sorry. There is a bright spot for the defense, though. It’s week one. We could afford these mistakes tonight. We can’t afford them 2 weeks from now, and on. I think Hayne’s and company can make the adjustments necessary to be successful down the road.

There’s no need to fret yet, Hog Nation, tonight we expected much more than what was presented. We didn’t expect too much, what should we have expected? No one expected this, and right now, for those of you who read the greatest hopes/fears article, it looked tonight like we should expect the fears (and I’m not talking about ending the streak of National Champions). Still, it’s week 1. Let’s be mad right now, and call in the radio stations and talk about how nothing’s changed. Next week, you and I both will be just as excited for the game, and we’ll see what improvements were made. The team is in for a long week of practice, as are we, as the anticipation will build and the temperature of our urine will reach temperatures beyond boiling. Let’s wait and see what happens next week.