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SB Nation Appropriately Ranks Arkansas Ahead Of South Carolina (Finally, Someone Does This)

Yes, we are in front of South Carolina.  This isn't new.
Yes, we are in front of South Carolina. This isn't new.

SB Nation is in the process of rolling out their college football preseason rankings, and on Tuesday announced Arkansas at #9 and South Carolina #10. Since a frequent complaint among Razorback fans is that South Carolina is too often ranked ahead of the Hogs despite frequent losses to Arkansas, we are highly appreciative. It's not that we disrespect South Carolina. They're a great team and Marcus Lattimore is a legit Heisman candidate, and I think it's crap that Georgia gets to go through Auburn and Ole Miss while the Gamecocks play Arkansas and LSU.

But, the truth is, since joining the SEC 20 years ago, the only time South Carolina defeated a Razorback bowl team was 2000, when the Hogs' 6-6 record snuck them into the Las Vegas Bowl, and as far as we're concerned, all memories of that game in Vegas can stay in Vegas. Every other time the Gamecocks defeated Arkansas, it was a crap Razorback team that couldn't become bowl eligible. So, yes, thank you SB Nation for ranking us higher than South Carolina.

Be sure to check out the preview video SB Nation made for Arkansas:

See more SB Nation preview videos for the ranked teams Arkansas is facing this year after the jump.

Here's the video for South Carolina, again, properly ranked behind Arkansas:

Ok, so, as of this writing, they have not yet released the Alabama and LSU videos. We'll share them here when they're released. If you want to see all of the other great college football videos SB Nation has created, you should check out their YouTube channel.

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