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Razorback Roundup

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Chris Bahn of Arkansas Sports 360 took some notes from the Razorbacks first day in full pads Monday night. The team was not going full contact. Too bad for Tenarius "Tank" Wright that no one told Knile Davis that. Tyler Wilson also "stuggled" in the first day of full pads. He missed 3 or 4 throws. I don't think we need to get worried just quite yet over his performance.

Head Coach John L. Smith is no stranger to video clips, face slaps and great one liners. This has given many fans an uneasy feeling of the new Head Hog and what he will be able to accomplish. Is this who we really want leading our program? Jim Weber, from Lost Lettermen, thinks the John L. Smith hire may just be crazy enough to work.

The Razorbacks may lose some games this year. Hopefully we can win 10 or 12 and as Coach Smith would say, "GYPH" (I think we all know what that means by now and if you don't please do not ask your boss or mother). If we don't win big SB Nation feature contributor Spencer Hall thinks Hog Fans will still have fun.

Greg Childs knee injuries would have most people depressed and ready to give up, but not Childs. The injuries to his knees are career threatening, but he has vowed a return to the field, reports Mark Craig of the StarTribune.

The Razorbacks have more firepower than Transformers. Well maybe not a Transformer, but they are good. Brooke Jordan of Bleacher Report believes we could see an increase in production in some of our offensive and defensive stars.