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Send Positive Woo Pigs Up To Greg Childs

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Quit complaining about your hangover from last night. You can walk. You can go to work tomorrow. Former Arkansas and current rookie wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, Greg Childs, has no such luck today. At the end of last night's Vikings scrimmage, Childs tore both of his patella tendons, and will surely miss the NFL season.

This is the same injury Childs suffered in one knee during his junior year at Arkansas, and we can only imagine how much more difficult recovery will be with both knees hurt. Childs worked extremely hard to get to the elite level of receiver at which he played, and worked just as hard to recover from his first injury. Here's to a speedy and full recovery for a fan favorite from Warren, Arkansas.

We know injuries are part of the game, and Childs isn't the first player to hit such an unfortunate streak, but, damn, this hurts. From the Ozarks to the Land of Lakes, here's a giant, hope-filled Hog Call up to Childs. We're all rooting for you, 85.