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Rasputin Unveils His Jacksonville State Prediction. What's Yours?


It's been a rough year so far for Rasputin, our centuries-old Russian soothsayer who has been the Razorbacks' biggest fan since the football program made its debut under John C. Futrall back in 1894. Dangerously unstable even in the best of times, the tumultuous offseason took a major toll on his delicate psyche - until very recently the last we'd heard of him was a report that he'd been spotted at the site of Bobby Petrino's infamous motorcycle crash, howling at the moon in a drunken fury.

When we lost contact with him after that we quite frankly expected the worst. But, earlier this week one of our interns received a letter in Rasputin's handwriting that simply read "GYPH" and contained some illegible scrawl about Knile Davis' bench press numbers. Then, this very morning the following prediction was delivered to our corporate offices:

O, what a painful offseason it has been
With what seems like an eternity since the Hogs' last win
But autumn is upon us and with it rebirth
For John L. brings to me much mirth

So once more into the SEC trenches we must go
But first in our way stands a lesser foe
Led by a familiar face, but they aren't the Citadel
And Tyler, Knile and Tank will surely give 'em hell
A slow start I forsee but by the end I'll be celebrating with vino
As our Hogs show they can get their piss hot without Coach Petrino

When the final whistle blows the scoreboard will scream
Arkansas 38, Jacksonville State 14

Is Rasputin on track or has his rough offseason finally pushed him past the edge of sanity? Please vote in the poll below, and of course share any thoughts you have for us - or Raz - in the comments section.