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First "Touchdown, Arkansas!" Prediction

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Oh, it is so close! haha. We are now just a couple days away from the start of Arkansas's 2012 season, and tonight we get a taste of SEC football when Vanderbilt hosts South Carolina as part of ESPN's Thursday night football. I once again have something to watch on Thursday nights! I read where that game is not sold out due most likely to the fact that there is a pre-season NFL game in town. But if I still lived in Nashville, I know I would go to an SEC game over any NFL pre-season action or I should say lack of action! Geez. Anyway, what about the action that will go down in Fayetteville come Saturday night? I rarely end up remembering the Hog who scores the first touchdown of a season, but I do spend a lot of time thinking about who he will be before a season begins. Our poll question allows you to weigh in with your guess for which Hog will score the first touchdown.