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Sausage Links - August 30, 2012

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Razorback Fans had different opinions when John L. Smith was announced as Head Coach. Some wanted to hire a bigger name and others were okay with going the interim route. One guy couldn't be happier and thats the head Hog himself. Eric Prisbell, from USA TODAY, talks about Smith's decision to return to Arkansas.

If you never got the chance to head down to Jerry's World and watch the Hogs take on Texas A&M, don't worry you will get another chance. Sam Khan Jr., of ESPN, discusses the announcement that came out Wednesday.

South Carolina and Vanderbilt will kick off the SEC season Thursday night. Some people think Vanderbilt can pull off an upset. The people at Anchor of Gold have made their own predictions. Take a look, and if you bet with their predictions don't blame me if you lose.

Texas A&M might actually fit right in with the other SEC teams. The SEC is known for their crazy fans and extreme antics. Texas A&M is joining the crazy train, to see what is going on down in College Station take a look at what Bill Hanstock, of SB Nation, found out. Now if they could just get rid of those male cheerleaders.

How will Arkansas beat Nick Saban and his Alabama football team. Arkansas' fans have been asking themselves this question since last September. Sanjay Kirpalani, at The Bleacher Report, has an idea of how the Hogs can win. Take a look and see what you think.