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Hog Call Podcast: Making Preseason Fantasy Gambling Picks

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I love fantasy gambling on college football. Last fall, I wrote a column for called Saturday Roulette, where I made picks with fantasy dollars against the spread. I'll be doing it again this year, and I'm so anxious to get started that I invited my friend Charlie Rogers aka Oklahoma Chuck to join me for a podcast to discuss some of the more intriguing early lines.

Topics included in the podcast are:

  • Whether or not Arkansas will cover 8.5 wins this season
  • The Razorback games that already have an early point spread (Alabama, Texas A&M, Auburn, South Carolina, Mississippi State, and LSU)
  • More interesting over/unders (including Oklahoma, West Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Oregon, and Florida State)
  • Where I hope Bobby Petrino ends up coaching next year
  • A few non-Razorback games with interesting lines (Oregon v. Arkansas State, Florida v. Tennessee, Notre Dame v. USC, Oklahoma v. Texas)

You can listen to the podcast by clicking play on the widget below. We're hoping to make the podcast a regular thing throughout the season (not just gambling, but others as well), so we recommend you subscribe to it via either Talkshoe or iTunes.

If you guys have a preference for how to listen, whether you want the Talkshoe widget or the mp3 file like I did last time, please let me know. Also you can follow Charlie on twitter if you would like to. As always, to get in touch with me, email me at or find me on twitter @doc_harper.