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The Ticket Sitch: NOT a GSD. Promise.

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The ticket situation dominated the airwaves on my morning commute today, as it has most mornings over the past two weeks. The problem with ticket sales for the first Little Rock game against Louisiana-Monroe is a major one. If the number of tickets available is anywhere close to what is being hinted at, it's something that has to be addressed.

Arkansans need to step up and make sure War Memorial sells out. For EVERY game.

My problem with the issue lies with the blame being placed upon the central part of the state because the game hasn't yet sold out. This scorn is coming both from outside the region, and within it. I've heard and read a lot of barbs being lobbed at Little Rock and its surrounding areas for its failure to step up.

Why is Central Arkansas responsible for the lag in tickets sold? Is it known that tickets purchased from that region are lagging behind previous years? Isn't it possible that ticket holders from years past in northwest Arkansas haven't renewed at the same rate this year? If so, are they not just as culpable?

This afternoon at quitting time I received an email from the university advertising tickets for sale to this Saturday's opener against Jacksonville State in Fayetteville. A quick search told me that tickets were still available in NINE sections in Razorback Stadium. Certainly the number of unsold is smaller than what is left for Louisiana-Monroe, but let's apply the same treatment to both games. Top 10 team! Two Heisman candidates! New coaches and players!

Are those in the northwest corner solely responsible for getting those tickets sold? Do they shoulder the blame for every empty seat I can spot on Saturday?

Of course not.

In my opinion, both (really ALL) regions of the state are responsible for making sure that BOTH stadiums are sold out. Anybody that refuses to attend a game in either location is missing out, as a) there are great things about both places, and b) there are only seven to eight chances each year to see the Hogs in this great state, and no reason is a viable one for missing a game you have the means and opportunity to attend.

Let me say this is NOT a GSD. It's a CTJ. Can't we all just get along?