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Midweek Razorback Trivia: This One Goes Out To You John L.

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This will be the last regularly scheduled Midweek Razorback Trivia question, for we are days away from kicking off the new season, and what future posts I can make time to put up, I want them to be about the present team and not the past. With that said, if a really good question comes to mind that is apropos for the moment, you'll see a trivia question on a Wednesday. As for this Wednesday, I thought it fitting to ask a question about short term coaches, haha. We are entering a season where in all likelihood the present coach is going to be one and done. Such a story is not unique in the annals of Razorback history. Though not under these exact same circumstances, there have been other coach for just a season head Hogs in Fayetteville. Do you know how many? Count coaches in your head and then select your answer. You'll find the correct answer, as always, in the comment section.