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Hog Slobber Podcast #2: Previewing The Jacksonville State Game And More Football Talk

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In this edition of the podcast, Chris Bahn and I discuss:

  • The upcoming Jacksonville State game
  • Knile Davis's role up to the Alabama game
  • Who will be Arkansas' #2 receiver
  • Which freshmen we expect to see quickly
  • Razorback Pop Tarts
  • I unveil the perfect stadium song that Arkansas should begin using immediately
  • Preview lots of the other big games this week, including South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt, Texas A&M vs. Louisiana Tech, Alabama vs. Michigan, Tennessee vs. NC State, and Oregon vs. Arkansas State
  • We answer listener questions!

As always, we recommend you subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or our Talkshoe page to make sure you don't miss an episode.

Here is the actual mp3 link for you listening convenience: Hog Slobber Podcast #2 8.28.2012

If you want to stream it on this page, listen through the widget below:

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