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Sausage Links - August 27, 2012

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It is time to get the tents out of the garage and buy excessive amounts of beer and get ready to watch SEC football. The season begins Thursday night with South Carolina taking on Vanderbilt. Alex Scutchfield, from, tells us what to look for in the SEC this upcoming football season.

Cant sleep? Having trouble concentrating at work? All signs of the start of football season. Here are some random thoughts from the SEC West, from

The Razorback football season starts Saturday and fans got their first look at the depth chart on Monday. Chris Bahn, of Arkansas Sports 360, takes a look at the depth chart, and Knile Davis' first contact practice.

The football season has not even started yet, but that does not keep people from making their bowl predictions. I have no idea where the Razorbacks will land. Would you be happy if I told you the Hogs were playing Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl? I hope they can make it to the BCS, but I don't think that would be a horrible location either. Jason Kirk, at SB Nation, makes his early bowl picks.

Chris Lionetti, of, takes a look at the 2012 Arkansas' Razorback football team by the numbers.