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Unveiling Our Preseason Top 25 BlogPoll. What Do You Think?

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So I took a stab at a preseason SB Nation BlogPoll. Before you look at it and come to the conclusion I'm a bumbling idiot, understand that I really loathe preseason polls. The idea of ranking all these teams before they play is absurd, but it is kind of fun. Look through these and tell me what you think in the comments, because the way the BlogPoll works, we submit an initial ballot, take response and suggestions from our community (i.e. YOU) and then submit a revised ballot on Wednesday. I'll give some explanations for my picks after the jump.

  • Wisconsin might seem high at #3, but they always seem to be in the mix up there. They still have Ball at running back and likely have 5 mountains of cheese on the offensive line. They also have a direct path to the Big 10 Championship Game since Penn State and Ohio State are both in Wisconsin's division and are ineligible.
  • I really think West Virginia will have a big year. I'm a big fan of Holgorsen and look for them to take the Big 12 by storm. They get Oklahoma at home in November and that could be a coming out party for the Mountaineers.
  • I'm not as sold on USC and Oregon as most people. USC has depth issues and Oregon will have to prove they can replace LaMichael James and Darron Thomas before I'll buy them being as good as they have been.
  • Oklahoma lost some key people on their offensive line, and that never bodes well. Texas won't be "back" by their standards but I do expect them to be improved.
  • I just realized I ranked Michigan just beneath Ohio State. That wasn't intentional, and probably two teams I switch. I think Michigan will be good but not great. It's hard to see them beating Alabama in week 1 but if I had to pick right now, I'd pick them to beat Ohio State in November.
  • I think Louisville will have a big year in the Big East, and cause Razorback fans to freak out at the possibility of Jeff Long considering Charlie Strong to be the next coach here.
  • Mike Gundy's done a good enough job in Stillwater that I think putting them here is fair. I am interested to see how they handle losing Blackmon.
  • I will not rank Notre Dame until they beat someone significant. Stanford and Baylor will have to prove they were better than 1-QB wonders before they make it in the poll.

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