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Introducing All The New Arkansas Expats Writers!

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It's been a few weeks now since I sent out an APB for new contributers to help Kevin, dxf04, Beau, and me make Arkansas Expats everything it can be. We had an excellent response, and I'm very pleased to announce now that I think I've finally got a set roster of people who I believe will bring all of you some amazing content in the coming weeks and months (as long as they'd like, really).

The group is made up of current, former, and aspiring sports journalists, as well as some who are simply passionate Hog fans and want to write about them. Some of them have already started, as I'm sure you all have noticed if you're regular visitors. I'm really proud of all the work they've done so far and I'm really excited to see what all they come up with in the future. So without further ado...

terry.wood (follow him on twitter: @tjwoodcth):

Growing up in West Memphis, I always thought of Fayetteville, my mom's hometown, as a magical place. It had Woolworths, McDonalds and a huge cowboy sign above a saloon on Dickson Street that was right next door to a comic book store. But, most of all it had the Razorbacks. My brother, who is now a dentist in West Memphis, was a student trainer for the Razorbacks from 1974-77. What a treat it was to visit the Broyles Complex on game day and watch my brother tape ankles.

Since 1989, I've been lucky enough to report about the Hogs regularly in some form or fashion. I've covered more games and press conferences than I can remember, and I've gotten to be on hand for bowls, Final Fours and NCAA Track Championships. I've been yelled at by Nolan Richardson, glad-handed and fibbed to by Houston Nutt, cursed and praised by John McDonnell and confused and delighted by Norm DeBriyn's candid quotes and malapropisms. Heck, I've even witnessed Danny Ford clipping his toe nails and picking tube-sock lint from between his toes. Now, that was a pleasant interview, but, hey, he did offer me some homemade bread.

At last Saturday's scrimmage, I wore Razorback red at an Arkansas athletic event for the first time since my days in college. I no longer have to submerge my urge to root for the Razorbacks, and on Sept. 1, I will gladly raise my arms and wiggle my fingers as I proudly call those Hogs. It feels good to be a fan again, and I thank Arkansas Expats for the opportunity to continue to write about the Hogs.

BVC (We're working on getting him a better screen name. Follow him on twitter @twooldridge)

Originally from South Arkansas, have lived in the Little Rock metro for the past decade. Husband to an amazing wife, and father to a hilarious two year-old son, my entire family calls the hogs with vigor. Have been following the Razorbacks since I was old enough to climb the steps to the top row of the south end zone in War Memorial Stadium for the Houston game in 1989. When I'm not watching the Razorbacks, I enjoy looking forward to the next opportunity I have to watch the Razorbacks. With a little golf thrown in when I can manage. Which is never. Follow me on Twitter for whining, wisecracks, and what I had for dinner.

Graham Reaves (follow him on twitter @grahamreaves)

A true Arkansas expatriate, I now live in Gainesville, Georgia, about 45 miles northeast of Atlanta and am working towards a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy. Like most people who write for this site, I am a lifelong Razorback fan. My grandmothers still send cut-outs from the ADG of Razorback game notes and season previews. The best seats I ever had for an Arkansas game were when I was two years old. I sat in Bill Clinton's box at War Memorial for an SMU game. When I think way back, my first memories of the Hogs are the 1994 national basketball championship and Barry Lunney Jr.'s pass to JJ Meadors to defeat Alabama for the first time in Tuscaloosa. However, some of the happiest moments in my life have come in wins over LSU. After the first Miracle on Markham, I played the fight song on my karaoke machine -- so you know I like to party -- so loudly the speaker busted.

I met former Tennessee wideout Peerless Price last year and had him say thank you for the "Stoernover". (Editor's Note: Graham, we never, ever, bring up the S------ver, ever.)

J.T. Harper (follow him on twitter @jharp022)

J.T. is a Little Rock native and currently a sports journalism student at the University of Arkansas, aspiring to become the next Grantland Rice. J.T. was also an excellent high school linebacker for the Joe T. Robinson fightin' Senators (super sophomore team, heeeyyyy). He is the envy of most Hog fans because he was one of the fortunate few to attend the legendary Arkansas upset of Texas in Austin in 2003. From what he's told me, the postgame celebrations on 6th Street were epic.

bholloway (follow him on twitter @gtimesbholloway)

Originally from Smackover, proud home Clyde "Smackover Kid" Scott, Jonathan "Pookie" Modica and about 2,000 other Buckaroos with a flair for colorful nicknames. I'm a working sports journalist and was recently named 2011's best sports columnist (Division B) by the Georgia Press Association. Most of what I do at my newspaper is focused on local high schools, but this will give me an opportunity to write about the Hogs. In my spare time, I sit around and watch highlight reels of Miracle on Markham II. For that, I will forever love Casey Dick.

Zack Veddern (follow him on twitter @ZakkDiesel_60)

I'm a 19 year old starving college kid, an aspiring young journalist, and life long Hog fan. After my freshman semester at Arkansas last fall, I moved back to Florida and have since come back to my home state. I've got some volunteer work lined up with 103.7 the Buzz during the football season. (I don't really know what all that entails yet. Working the Buzz tailgate at Little Rock games and helping at remotes so far. But nothing specific) My favorite Hog moment was singing "Pour Some Sugar on Me" with the crowd following the LSU game at Little Rock in 2010. Follow me on twitter @ZakkDiesel_60 (who would've thought high school football nicknames would sound slightly less cool after a year??)


I started off as a Razorback expat in Tennessee. When I was looking at colleges in high school, my dad suggested we take a look at Arkansas after visiting my older brother at Texas A&M. When we came into town, we came up Razorback Road at about 10pm on a Sunday night. The stadium was lit up in the coolest way, and I've never seen it like that since, but I was pretty impressed. I had a great visit the next day, and then I went to my first Razorback game on September 4th, 2004 (a 63-13 romp over New Mexico State. I thought they would all be like that). I walked onto the field that day with the Razorback Marching Band, and I barely knew what I was doing I was so overwhelmed by the game day experience.

I'm currently a chemical engineer in the Baton Rouge area, and I'm working on my MBA at LSU where I am known as "Arkansas" by all my classmates. My favorite Razorback memories include being at the 2004 Texas Game, the 2010 Alabama game (the same day I knew I was going to marry my wife), the 2006 snow basketball game against Florida, and the 2012 Cotton Bowl. Go Hogs!

(Editor's Note: So you're saying after experiencing one of the most heartbreaking games in recent Razorback memory, that's when you were in the mood to decide to marry your wife? That's true love.)


Covered the Razorbacks for small-town newspapers in NWA from 1983-91. Eventually changed careers, now an investment analyst in Nashville, Tenn. You may have seen his articles in various Razorback outlets, including

Doc Harper is the editor of and is a regular contributor to You can email him at and follow him on Twitter @doc_harper.