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Midweek Razorback Trivia: The Second Time Edition

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Before I begin with this week's trivia introduction, let me say congrats to the 34 percent of you who got last week's question correct. I anticipated that question to be harder than what it turned out to be. Should Eastern Michigan feel any worse that we remember our butt-kicking of them so well? haha. I had an easier version of this week's question, but on the way to the computer, I made it a bit harder. People tend to remember firsts, right? The first man on the moon etc. But what about seconds? A degree harder, right? So this week's question involves just that, the second time. Arkansas got its very first victory over an SEC school on November 13th 1937 (SEC was founded in December 1932) in Memphis in a 32-6 win over Ole Miss. Jack Robbins and Jim Benton were captains that year with the Hogs finishing tied for 14th in the AP poll. With that as a lead in, answer the question below and then look in the comment section for the correct answer.