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Hog Slobber Podcast #1: Fall Practice Recap, Gameday Atmosphere, and More!

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Chris Bahn and I are beginning what we hope will be a weekly podcast to discuss all the goings on with the Razorbacks. We'll continue to use the Hog Call Podcast account, so any of you who are subscribed will continue to receive the episodes. I'll use the Hog Call name whenever I do a podcast with anyone else. In this episode, we break down:

  • The tizzy started with Jeff Long's tweet about the sign policy at Razorback games
  • Recap of fall camp and possible things we'll get to see when games start
  • Inspired by BVC's open letter, we discuss ways to improve the gameday atmosphere in Fayetteville as well as what some other schools do
  • Preview the series "20 Moments From The Razorbacks' First 20 SEC Years"
  • Unfortunately, I was unable to quickly get the bumper music from the song we discussed in the show, but I found some from another song we mentioned.
  • And more!

As always, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Talkshoe. And we are going to try to do these weekly, at least through the season, so we recommend subscribing so you don't miss an episode. If you have anything you'd like for us to discuss, please send us an email or find us on twitter.

Here is the direct mp3 file for your convenience:

You can email me at and find me on Twitter @doc_harper.