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CBS Sports Network To Air Special Series On Arkansas Football Debuting August 29

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"Why do they want to put us on TV?"  "Hell, I don't know."
"Why do they want to put us on TV?" "Hell, I don't know."

Who wants to see behind the scenes goings on during Alabama prep/hate week?

Say what you want about Arkansas not getting any love from the national media, but the Razorbacks have gotten some pretty cool exposure over the past year, April's exposure not withstanding. Between the ESPN Quarterback special to Joe Adams' punt return becoming one of the most-shown plays of the 2011 season, it hasn't been too difficult to find Razorbacks in the headlines.

The latest is this new series from the CBS Sports Network. The series will be seven 30-minute episodes throughout the year and will also include extra scenes on Yes, we all understand the Razorbacks are one of the more interesting stories this year, and we don't need to rehash why, but we'll definitely take any exposure like this that we can get. Check out the press release after the jump.

CBS Sports Network and present COLLEGE FOOTBALL CONFIDENTIAL: ARKANSAS, an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at one of the most intriguing teams of the 2012 season, the Arkansas Razorbacks. The series of seven shows debuts on CBS Sports Network on Wednesday, Aug. 29 (7:00 PM, ET). complements the television series with exclusive all-access online content beginning Monday, Aug. 20, available at

Throughout the 2012 season CBS Sports Network will embed with the Razorbacks to provide fans an inside look at practices, road trips and team meetings as Arkansas looks to move on from a tough off-season. The series includes candid interviews with numerous administrators, coaches and team members, including Athletic Director Jeff Long, head coach John L. Smith, as well as Heisman Trophy hopefuls Knile Davis and Tyler Wilson. The show on Wednesday, Sept. 19 will present a look at the Razorbacks preparing to play Alabama in a huge SEC showdown that will be part of CBS Sports’ season long coverage of the SEC Game of the Week. will feature additional content about COLLEGE FOOTBALL CONFIDENTIAL: ARKANSAS including interviews, behind-the-scenes videos and live chats. Visitors to also will find links to social media, team news and statistics.

"Arkansas football is one of the most fascinating stories of the 2012 season," said Dan Weinberg, Senior Vice President, Programming, CBS Sports Network. "The Razorbacks are a national championship contender with two legitimate Heisman Trophy candidates, and a perfect fit for a season-long version of College Football Confidential. The access we’ve been granted and the storylines that have emerged provide plenty of compelling content, which allowed us to expand the College Football Confidential franchise to for the first time."