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USA TODAY Coaches Poll Says Hogs Number Ten

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So the Hogs begin the season in the Top Ten at number ten. Okay. But one wonders where they might be ranked if Bobby Petrino had kept his offensive moves confined to the gridiron. Probably ahead of South Carolina (No. 9) and Georgia (No. 6). Maybe right where Georgia is at right now. Georgia, that high? Aaron Murray, I get that. But I certainly think they are being overrated.

As expected, LSU comes in at number one with Alabama right behind them followed by USC and Oklahoma. No arguments here with that. But does an 8-5 Texas (No. 15) really deserve to be ranked ahead of Nebraska, TCU, Stanford, Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech, Kansas State, and Boise State? All of those schools had much better records than Texas did last year. Coaches are putting more faith than I am in Texas, that's for sure.

Here's the link to the Coaches Poll if you want to take a look at the rest. And here's our own poll. How do you feel about where the Hogs are ranked?