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Happy Hype Month! Let's Watch Razorback Hype Videos!

August is the month when we don't like to do much other than watch Breaking Bad and Razorback hype videos on YouTube. It's too hot to do much else really. So we're hereby declaring August to be known as Hype Month. We'll share videos periodically. If you have any videos you'd like us to share with anyone, send them our way and we might post them here! Here's one for today:

I'm not sure I'd have gone the Marquel Wade Vandy hit that early in the video, but that's nothing compared to OH YEAH GUN-SHOT PASS!!! Tyler Wilson's a quick-draw gun-slingin' sharp-shooter! At the 1:56 mark, hype levels are at full blast! Piss temperature is rising!! #GYPH

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