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Sausage Links - August 16, 2012

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Gotta love Highsmith!
Gotta love Highsmith!

Last year Arkansas linebacker Alonzo Highsmith became a household name for Razorback fans. JUCO prospects at Arkansas have often been hit or miss, and Highsmith was definitely a hit. The man that was once known for having a famous father is now known for putting fear in opposing offenses. To get to know Highsmith a little bit better, take a look at Chris Stephens' story on the Bleacher Report.

The South Carolina Gamecocks have had a rough time beating the Razorback football team as of late. hopes the loss of Bobby Petrino will give the Gamecocks an edge in this year's game. I disagree, but whatever helps them sleep at night. Having Petrino was a big plus for the Razorbacks, but our senior leadership and capable coaching staff can make up for the loss. See you in November Gamecocks.

The Razorback basketball team is continuing to roll in Italy. The team again beat Atletas of Lithuania moving their Italian-trip record to 3-0. The Razorbacks are showing promise overseas and newcomer Coty Clarke is putting up great numbers. Clarke could be a big factor in how the basketball team competes this year. Aaron Peters gives a breakdown of game 3 at

Nick Saban has always been able to shut the door on opposing offenses. Now he will be able to shut the door in his office without having to get up. Bill Hanstock of SB Nation takes a look at Saban's newest trick.

Over the past two years Michael Dyer has had the world at his hands. Dyer was a top recruit and had his choice of colleges. After a National Championship season at Auburn in his freshman year and his second 1,000-yard season his sophomore year, he seemed poised for a bright future. The NFL was within his grasp. Now everything has fallen apart. He attempted to transfer to Arkansas State, but was dismissed from the team recently and now won't be playing for anyone this season. ESPN's Joe Schad takes a look at Dyer's latest decision.

MIssissippi State's stadium will be getting a major facelift. According to, the school will be renovating Davis Wade Stadium. Hopefully the renovations won't make those annoying cowbells any louder.