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Hog Fans, Debate This Amongst Yourselves

While in the process of cooking up this week's trivia question, my mind took a slight detour and came up with the poll question below. The Hogs have a number of tough games on their schedule this season, but can we say which is the harder task? Beat both Alabama and LSU at home in Fayetteville? Or go on the road and win all our games at Columbia (SC), Auburn, College Station, and Starkville? LSU and Alabama played for the national title last year and are expected to be as good this year. Will Arkansas's recent success of beating LSU in Little Rock carry over to Fayetteville? It has been six long years since the Hogs beat Alabama, and that 2006 team was not a Nick Saban Alabama team, but a Mike Shula team, a big difference. Remember too, the Hogs, not historically a great road team, came close to losing two road games last year when the stops were much easier. Oxford and Nashville were on the map that year. Not so this year. The Aggies in College Station (not Jerry World) are going to be even more fired up at home to end our winning streak over them and show that they belong in the conference. And MSU in Starkville has always been a tough game for the Hogs, even though we usually win them. Hmm? About at the chicken vs. egg level isn't it? So let us know your opinion on the matter and vote in the poll below. Your reasoning, we would enjoy seeing that in the comment section.