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Remembering Paul Eells: Six Years Ago Today

It was six years ago today that we lost the Voice of the Razorbacks, the one I grew up hearing, to a car accident as he was making his way back to Little Rock from an assignment in Fayetteville. Amazing that the time has flown by that fast. Six years, really? Wow. And to think of all that has happened in Razorback sports that Paul Eells missed experiencing and we missed experiencing with him. Begin with that 2006 season itself. I know he would have loved to see us beat Tennessee on a cold night in Fayetteville with the College Gameday crew in town. There would have been another Miracle on Markham for him to call with Dick to Crawford on that occasion. Another Cotton Bowl victory, possibly, if he had not retired by then. Coming out of the stadium, I got to see Paul Eells at the 2000 Cotton Bowl, and that just added to the joy of the day.

There has been the bad as well that Paul missed out on. Glad he was spared the whole Mitch Mustain / Nutt to Ole Miss fiasco. He missed out on seeing another loss in the SEC Championship game, this one probably the most painful, for we were actually in that game. Oh, Reggie Fish. He missed the further decline of the basketball program as well as the Bobby Petrino scandal of this year. But you do take the good with the bad, and Paul was there at Arkansas to see both sides from the late 70s to 2006.

Here at Arkansasexpats we want to remember Paul with some of his best calls. Here's a youtube collection for you to enjoy. Youtube was just becoming part of our lives back in 2006. Glad to have it around now to keep Paul's voice readily available for Razorback fans everywhere who want to hear "Touchdown, Arkansas! Oh my!" yet again, again, and again. And dhawg75 - Woo Pig Sooie! to ya. Great video! Thanks for your efforts.

Paul's Calls (via dhawg75)