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Miracle On Markham Trivia Edition

Doc and I didn't huddle on this one. It just so happens that the trivia question I have in mind for this week involves the 2002 Miracle on Markham. Doc related where he was for the game. As prelude, I'll tell you where I was. I was at my parents' in Warren where the big tv was on downstairs and the computer and a smaller tv was on upstairs. I think we had the radio on as well. Running downstairs and then back upstairs, I was watching the game with family and following along with fans the world over on a message board forum. I remember typing before the last drive, "Now is time for a miracle." And it came! It came! Upstairs met downstairs with hugs and jubilation and together we watched the replays and held our breaths as the extra point was just barely made. Then held our breaths again during the kickoff and LSU's last gasp of a final, futile play. But 21 / 20 and DeCori's great catch, they had a prelude and that was a great 51 yard catch that took the Hogs to the Tigers' 31 yard line. Do you remember which Razorback made that catch? If you've already read the LSU account below, I'll give you a hint. They are wrong in their recollection of which Hog caught that pass. Hopefully you'll be right. Check the first comment for the correct answer.