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Relive the Miracle on Markham Through The Eyes Of An LSU Fan

This season will mark the 10th anniversary of the Miracle on Markham, an event pretty much every Arkansas fan has relived somewhere around a zillion times in the years since. I was even in Walgreens once when I heard Paul Eells' call of the end of the game and realized someone had made that his ringtone. Well done, Walgreens Hog fan.

But rarely have Razorback fans considered what it must have felt like for an LSU fan that day. Our friends at And The Valley Shook lost a bet and was tortured by doing did a retroactive recap of the game, providing thoughts on, in addition to the game, Matt Jones, War Memorial Stadium, Arkansas and LSU's place in the SEC then and now, and more. If you're waiting on a series of reliving tragic Arkansas losses from us, well, I'm pretty sure we'll pass.

Confession: I didn't actually see the end of this game. The day of the game, my father and I watched this game (and probably took some naps during it - it was ugly) before we left town for my brother's high school state semifinal playoff game in Stuttgart. When we left the house we figured the game was lost. When a group of us stopped on the way at the Cracker Barrell in North Little Rock, we heard a big cheer from the kitchen, and one of us went back there to see what happened. He came out of the kitchen with his hands raised yelling "Arkansas 21, LSU 20!" and we all freaked out. Best Cracker Barrell trip ever. Might've even skipped the apple butter.

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