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This Week's BIG Razorback Trivia Question

As Doc hilariously points out below, today is Arkansas' turn at the podium at SEC Media Days, so it does seem a bit odd to go out of conference with this week's question, but I don't have a two deep on the trivia question. However, you'll like your chances on getting the correct answer. They are 50/50. Last week we didn't do so well with the question related to the 1992 season, which was also a season we didn't do so well on the field! I promise not to bring 1992 up again, not a good vintage year for Hog fans, not at all. This week's question is related to the fact that the Hogs are going to play Rutgers for the first time ever. Rutgers, last I checked, is still a member of the BIG East conference. We'll have to wait and see which conference they belong to when they arrive in Fayetteville, haha. Contemplate the question, select your answer, and then look in the comment section for the correct answer, the usual drill.