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Hog Call Podcast: Previewing the Football Preview And More Razorback Discussion

Get one while you can!
Get one while you can!

In this edition of the podcast, I talk with Chris Bahn of as he prepares to head to SEC Media Days, and we discussed several off-season topics of interest to Razorback fans, including:

  • Comparing the insane 2012 off-season to the legendary 2007 off-season
  • Previewing the Football Preview magazine
  • I share what I hope is my first fantasy gambling pick of the new season
  • The coaching search and whether or not John L. Smith will return
  • How to make Bahn cringe on Facebook
  • How does SEC expansion change the perception of Arkansas as an outpost school
  • When Arkansas should and should not wear the new black/gray uniforms
  • After failing to sell out last year and without the pull of an LSU game, will the Little Rock games sell out?
  • And, for SEO purposes, whether Erin Andrews' move to Fox will change our college football viewing habits

To listen, click on the mp3 link below. You can also download the episode and subscribe to the podcast by visiting the Expats' iTunes page or via TalkShoe

Previewing the Football Preview and Other Off-Season Matters with Chris Bahn