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Razorback Football Trivia: New Kids On The Block Edition

Congratulations to all of you who remembered Chris Balseiro's role in getting us a win vs. Missouri in the Independence Bowl. This week we turn our attention to the fact that the Hogs are now no longer, with South Carolina, the new kids on the SEC block. Texas A&M and Missouri now have that title as they approach their first season of conference play this fall. What type of first season in the conference will they have? I don't think both of them are going to lose every one of their conference games. Somebody is going to lose to them, and that is just to be expected. And that is where we turn the pages of time back for this week's question. Do you remember how things went for the Hogs in their first year (1992) in the SEC? Suffice to say, Missouri and Texas A&M fans hope they can do better in their first year! After you select, find the answer in the comment section.