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*UPDATED: FINAL ROUND* Vote For Joe Adams' Punt Return (You Know Which One) For The ESPY Play Of The Year

Just slipped another Vols tackle.
Just slipped another Vols tackle.

How many times did you watch Joe Adams' punt return against Tennessee? 10? 100? 5,000? Did you upload it to Facebook? I did. Do you have it saved to your computer somewhere so that whenever a Vols fan talks trash to you, you just send them the link to the video? You should. Or do you just like to say to Vol Fan, "man, that pig wasn't even greased up and y'all still couldn't get two hands on him." Typically, the punter is the weak link on the punt team in terms of tackling the return man, but on this play, it's like Derek Dooley lined up 11 punters.

Appropriately, that play is up for the ESPY award for Play of the Year. Joe is in the Finals against some pretty stout competition. I think the biggest challenger will be the baseball catch. You can vote here, as well as watch the video at least a dozen more times. Vote now - voting is only available up until just before the ESPYs air on July 11th.

Watch the play and learn more about how the voting for this ESPY award works after the jump.

Notice the first coach ESPN cuts to after the play? Yep. John L.

The voting for this ESPY is bracket-style. There are 16 plays up for it, and Joe's return is the #2 seed. It's against a race car finish in the first round, and as mentioned above, vote now because the first round voting ends Tuesday. If Joe wins the first round, voting for the second round will take place July 3-July 9, and the final four will be voted on from the 9th up to the ESPY show on the 11th.

This would give me a reason to watch the ESPYs, an annoying, tape delayed awards show that I haven't watched since like 2005, even though there's nothing else on in July.

You know, for a coach as maligned as Dooley, you'd think a play like that would be the signature moment of a doomed tenure, but no. That would be this. Or the Music City Bowl. Or losing to Kentucky, who had a wide receiver at quarterback, for the first time in like 22 years. But I'd think this play is somewhere in the top 5.

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