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Hogs - Flat As Nebraska Tonight

I am sitting here with the baseball game going into the bottom of the ninth. Three outs left. The Hogs need to get two home to keep the game going or three home to end it. But the past eight innings don't lead you to think the Hogs are going to do anything but hit the ball to a South Carolina player or hit into a double play if they do get a man on base. Has the universe suddenly taken a disliking to the Hogs? Probably, it is more the case that South Carolina just came out playing with fire and the Hogs just looked limp, flat all night. The team that had the morning off was the one that looked like it had already played nine innngs today. Can't really blame the universe, I guess. Maybe 3-0 and into the championship series would just not have had enough drama to it for our Drama Hogs. So, I predict, here we come Friday night. I hope then we come out with some fire in our bats and bellies.

UPDATE: We have a man on with one out in the bottom of the ninth. Get ready for the Hogs to hit it in the infield and the Gamecocks pull a double play. Well, a strikeout. So we are down to our last out. How about a home run from Jimmy Bosco? Nope. A pop up. And the Hogs lose 2-0. So tomorrow night it is. Maybe it being an elimination game will get the Hogs' attention and wake them the hell up! If not, it will be another trip to the championship series for South Carolina and another in a long line of close but no cigar stories for the Hogs. Even so, the Hogs are going to have to make it to the College World Series about 14 more times and not win the thing to compete with Florida State's futility. So as gloomy as tonight feels, we are at least still in the thing and have a chance to either choke ourselves or choke the chickens tomorrow tonight. Man, I sure hope it is the latter.