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Might The Universe Like These Hogs?


So our Diamond Hogs stand right now at 2-0 in Omaha at the College World Series. And I've been having this thought running through my head. And I am sure you've had it as well jumping around your synapses. Though there is still a lot more baseball to be played, just might this be the year that the Hogs get a national championship in baseball to go along with an undisputed basketball championship (1994), a disputed one in football (1964) and a boatload of undisputed track and field championships? Might it?

And might they be a team of destiny? The universe in the form of a weather pattern over Omaha has given the Hogs a hand by forcing the winner of the South Carolina / Kent State matchup to play a game on the same day they have to play the rested Hogs. You have to think that is going to work in Arkansas's favor come tonight at 8:30 PM Central. But I also recall a tired Georgia basketball team beating a rested Arkansas team a few years ago in the SEC Tournament in Atlanta. I think a tornado was on the Hogs' side that time, and we couldn't take advantage of the situation. That's to say there are no guarantees, and even if the Hogs make it to the championship series, they are going to face a tough and battle hardened team from the other side of the bracket. Right now, I just hope it isn't Florida State. They've been to the CWS over a dozen times with their current coach and haven't won it. You gotta think they are due! haha.

But they would be facing a team that has thus far executed good baseball and has had Lady Luck (Fortuna) sitting in the dugout with them. Think back to the Baylor series when the Hogs' batters got hit two times in a row to tie and then win a 5-4 game. I hope she keeps her seat there as we watch on in hope that this will be the year that redeems 1979's close but no cigar attempt. If it is, I say ticker tape parade down Dickson Street!