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Razorback Football Trivia: The AP Poll Edition

We were all proud of our Hogs for ending last season ranked in the top five in both the Coaches and AP polls. But what many fans might not be aware of is just how far back Arkansas goes when it comes to appearing in the polls at the end of a season. In fact, the Hogs appeared in the very first AP poll in 1936. That was the year the Hogs won their first Southwest Conference title with a 7-3 overall record and a 5-1 record in the conference itself. All American and Razorbacks All Century Team member, Jim Benton, was a member of that year's squad, and so was halfback/quarterback legend, Jack Robbins. It was also the year that the Hogs beat Texas in Little Rock 6-0 in pouring rain. So what was finishing No. 1 in the SWC conference worth in the polls in 1936? Take your best shot at the correct answer and then look at the first comment to see if you got it right.