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Woo Pig Sooie In the Heartland! Hogs Win 2-1


I hope you were sitting in front of ESPN or listening to the sports channel last night on your radio, for last night was a great night to be a Razorback. The Hogs have reached the baseball promised land of 2-0 in Omaha after ending South Carolina's winning streak there that dates back to nearly the sod dugout days of Omaha. And we here at Arkansasexpats want to say congratulations. Last night's game very much fits this teams's M.O. in that the Hogs had little scoring, great pitching and defense, and hung on to a one run lead to win the game. South Carolina can call up Baylor and Rice to share their grief. If the Hogs make it to the final game of the CWS, I predict that if they win, it is by one run and we'll probably have to sweat that one run out for most of the game. That's just how they operate.

The Hogs haven't been 2-0 in Omaha since 1979 when they lost in the championship match, back when it was just one game. I think the ESPN stat of the night was that the eventual CWS champion has gone 2-0 for 19 or the last 22 College Word Series. So, yeah, this is a big deal. The Hogs need to win just one more game against either South Carolina (most likely) or Kent State (what I hope for) to face-off against UCLA, Arizona, or Florida State. Of those last three, I would prefer UCLA, not for any technical baseball reason. Just that I want 1995 avenged! haha.

I'll close here by saying again, congratulations to Dave Van Horn and his red hot Hogs. The SEC Tournament, seems like a million years ago doesn't it? The Hogs have certainly come alive in the tournament that matters most. Woo Pig Sooie!!! in the Heartland.